Insurance is All About the Cost... until it isn't

  Does anyone like the weight of monthly/yearly insurance payments? For most people, that would be a no. The burden of constantly taking money from your pocket is annoying. It’s frustrating that the price often goes up even when you don’t personally file a claim. And with inflation continuing to swell, it seems like even insurance prices are being affected. Because of these reasons, we place a large amount of emphasis on the cost of insurance. Yes, cost is important, but it should not be the only factor in our decision making. 


   Insurance policies are not all created equal. All we care about is the cost until something serious happens and we’re faced with an insurance claim. That's when we ask “is it covered?” and “how much coverage do I have?” At that point we don’t care about how much the insurance costs. All we need is for it to be covered. We want our business and family to be safe and able to make it to another day. Even though cost is important, what’s most critical is coverage in the face of devastating loss. 


   That’s why we at The American Insurance Group are here to help you set up your risk management plan, whether you own a car, house, or business. We’re not here to help you pinch a few pennies by excluding necessary coverages. We’re not here to sell you a bundle of goods to make a commission. We are here to make sure you understand your risks and show you which insurance setups give you the best coverage. We want to ensure that you and your family and business are protected, so that you can rest easy at night.


   We have the carriers, tools, and experience. We seek to become your trusted risk advisor by diligently working to help you. We want the best for you and truly want to see you safe and protected. Trust is difficult: hard to earn and easy to break, but we’re ready for the challenge of working for you to provide the best coverage possible.