Three Ways We're Different


You have many choices for insurance: purchase online, follow your friend’s advice, use your family’s agent, give in to the advertisements on television, and so on. So, what is the right move to make? Give us a call. The American Insurance Group is an independent agency in Chattanooga, TN that exists to provide insurance plans, tailored to your needs, for you as a homeowner, driver, and/or business owner. Our footprint extends far beyond Chattanooga and Tennessee; we serve folks in Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Ohio, Illinois, Arizona, South Carolina, Virginia, and beyond. Here are three ways in which we are different than the other insurance options you have:



              Insurance is a tool that should serve as a financial hedge of protection in the face of an accident or loss. We want to see you protected well against things both seen and unseen. Therefore, we set you up with a quality insurance carrier, with quality coverage, at a cost-effective premium. Often, the cheapest insurance truly is the insurance with the least comprehensive coverage. A cheap shirt becomes unraveled after the first wash; a quality shirt fits better and can withstand the heat, the stains, and the stretches. We want your insurance to be just like that quality shirt: strong and best-fitting to you.



              We are authentic, genuine folks looking out for your best interests. We love technology and its efficiencies, but technology can never replace the worth of human relationships. We care about you, not just your premiums. We are available via text, call, and email; we do not believe in phone trees where you end up screaming at a robotic recording. We believe in serving you with honesty and compassion.



              The horror stories of insurance are loud. Insurance, and especially claims, can be extremely stressful. As an agency, we are here for you. We aim to provide you with education, so you know what you are paying to have. We service your account diligently and efficiently so that you get what you need before you even need it. We walk with you through the claims process to eliminate the anxiety and frustration. We are here for you.


Your insurance is important. It should not be neglected. You should feel empowered by your insurance to live your life freely! We would love the opportunity to serve you. We are licensed in many states, and we serve folks with their personal insurance needs (home, auto, umbrella, life) and their business insurance needs (commercial auto, general liability, workers compensation, etc). Give us a call to begin an insurance experience that is real, of great quality, and comforting at all times.